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What's In a Name?

Soki Doll

SOKI? How do you even pronounce it, we hear you shout?!

Socky? Sokey? Sake?

Let us begin by enlightening our dolls on the amazing origins of our name.

Whilst on our soul searching, design hunting travels we were mesmerised by the beauty of the Indian culture... The colourful patterns, the awe inspiring designs, the vibrant materials… we fell in love with it ALL!

The people were just as amazing too; strangers would say “sukhi raho” which translates into “be happy”. This felt so apt because that’s what we aim to do – bring happiness through our collections!

When deciding on our final collections we were drawn to the fashion capital of Paris and were immersed in the beautiful Parisian arts. Everything was style focused.

And that is how Styles Of Soki was born – pronounced 'so-key'.

So, remember Dolls - Style is our game and Soki is our name.


- Love Soki xo

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